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Home invasions occur even in the nicest of neighborhoods, and homes without alarm systems have three times the chance of being broken into than homes protected by alarm systems.

Peace of mind comes in knowing that your family is safe and secure. Safeguarding what you value most your family, home and belongings sets StarTec Security apart from the rest.

From heat and smoke detection to carbon monoxide detection, flood water monitoring, home burglary alarms and medical emergency alerts, a StarTec Security system can be the difference between apprehensive and peace of mind. We have systems installed and monitored throughout Ohio and surrounding states, each one customized to the needs of the individual household.

Allow an experienced StarTec Security consultant to help answer all of your questions; and not through a phone survey or an online evaluation but an in-home, face-to-face encounter. While walking through your home together we will analyze your concerns, and create a solution that meets both your needs and budget.