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My keypad is beeping, how do I stop it?

Your keypad will alert you to any potential issues that need acknowledged or addressed. If your keypad is beeping or a trouble light is flashing, disarm the system and review the LCD screen for more information. Many times, issues resolve themselves after you acknowledge the trouble condition. Use the following steps on your keypad:
Concord 4 Panel:

While Disarmed, Press the asterisk key (*)

If it is just an alarm memory status, the trouble will disappear after this acknowledgement. If it is an issue needing further attention (such as a low battery warning) the keypad will continue to the trouble condition until the issue is resolved. In these instances, pressing the asterisk key (*) followed by 1+ your code will snooze the beeps for 4 – 10 hours. To reset smoke detectors, Press 1 + your code and then repeat 1+code again. Please contact our office if you need further assistance 614-895-3000.

DSC Panel:

While Disarmed, Press the pound key to silence the beeps (#) Press the asterisk key followed by the number 2 (*2) to view the trouble condition. A trouble light will flash and the LCD will display the first trouble condition present. Scroll through the trouble conditions present with the arrow keys. To reset smoke detectors, enter your master code twice followed by the RESET button (hold for 2 seconds). If a trouble condition needs further attention, please contact our office for assistance at 614-895-3000.

NX Panel:

To silence beeping, simply enter your code. You may be prompted to press the down arrow key to view any messages. To clear out trouble memory and/or reset smoke detectors, press asterisk followed by the number 7. (*7). If you continue to get trouble conditions, please contact our office for further assistance 614-895-3000.

Why is my system saying “Protest” when I try to arm it? How do I bypass a zone?

Your system will not allow you to arm it if all contacts are not securely closed. Sometimes there are certain times you want to allow a contact to remain open, but still set the rest of the system. To do this, you will need to bypass a zone. In addition, there could be a problem with a sensor that shows open when it is actually closed. In this case, contact our office for a service call at 614-895-3000 but continue to arm your system, bypassing this zone in the meantime. You will need to follow these steps each time you set your alarm and want to bypass a zone (the bypass is only valid until the next disarming of the system)
** Note that Smoke/Fire Zones CANNOT be bypassed.

Concord Panel:

If the sensor you want to bypass is showing OPEN, do the following:

  • Arm your system in STAY or AWAY mode.
  • Keypad will display “PROTEST”
  • Press the pound key (#)
  • The keypad will display SENSOR__BYPASSED.
  • The system will arm.

If all sensors are closed and working properly but you still want to bypass a zone, do the following:

  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Arm your system in STAY or AWAY mode.
  • Press the pound key followed by your code. (#) + CODE.
  • The keypad will display “BYPASS SENSOR _ _”, enter the sensor you wish to bypass.
  • The keypad will display “BYPASSED ZONE _ _” or “SENSOR _ _ BYPASSED”.

DSC Panel: The System Must be disarmed prior to proceeding

  • Press the asterisk key (*)
  • Press the 1 Key
  • Use the > key to scroll to the zone you wish to bypass
  • Press the * Key on the appropriate zone
  • A “B” should appear next to the zone when the system is bypassed
  • Press the pound key (#) repeatedly to exit back to the home screen (Ready light should appear)
  • System can now be armed with zones bypassed

NX Panel: If you know the number of the zone to bypass, use the following:

  • Press the [BYPASS] key
  • When the LCD prompts for a code (optional, if programmed), enter your user code.
  • The bypass light flashes.
  • Enter the zone you wish to bypass.
  • Press the [BYPASS] key again. The zone is now bypassed.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other zone(s) that need to be bypassed.
  • Press the [BYPASS] key again OR press # to exit the Bypass Mode. The bypass light will stop flashing upon exiting the Bypass Mode.

My keypad displays FC. What does that mean?

FC is an error code indicating that your security system is having trouble communicating with our monitoring center through the phone line. To remedy this issue first try the following:

  • Make sure you have a dial tone on your landline phones. If your phone service is not working, your security system may not either.
  • Check to ensure that your security system is connected to the phone line. You will need to locate the phone line connection, in or around your security system panel.
  • If your phone is connected, working properly, and you still have FC on your keypad, please contact us at 614-895-3000 for further assistance.

Why does my keypad display BAT or Battery?

This can be caused by a power outage, tripped breakers, or your system may have been unplugged. Your keypad may continue to display the same message after power has been restored. This indicate that your battery is recharging. If the same message remains on your display after 72 hours, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

My keypad shows a number, what does this mean?

On most systems, numbers represent corresponding sensors that are not ready to be armed. You can usually clear numbers from your keypad by double checking all of your monitored doors and windows to make sure they are closed. If your keypad displays a number and BAT or Battery, this means that you have a sensor with a low battery.

What does it mean to “test” my system and how do I do that?

Testing your system regularly ensures that the lines of communication between your system and our central station are working properly. Use the following steps to test your system:

  • Call us to put your system on test 614-895-3000. Test mode prevents our central station from dispatching on your alarm during a designated time period.
  • After you have confirmed that your system is in test mode, Arm your system as usual.
  • Set off the alarm by opening a monitored door or window
  • Allow the siren to sound for at least 45 seconds. After 45 seconds, disarm your system.
  • Call us back to verify that signals were sent and received by our central station.

My system is beeping but the keypad doesn’t show anything. Why?

If you hear a beeping, look for likely culprits first. Microwaves, children’s toys, mobile phones and store-purchased smoke detectors can all make beeping sounds that could sound like they are coming from your security system. If your keypad is not showing any trouble codes or flashing lights, chances are the noise is not coming from your system.

I have recently switched telephone providers and my system is hooked up to my landline. Do I need to contact you?

Yes. There could be communication issues with your new phone line that we are unaware of. Please give us a call if you have switched phone providers so we can test your system to make sure it is still communicating properly. Our office number is 614-895-3000.

Do you offer paperless billing or automatic payments?

Yes we offer emailed invoices and automatic credit card payments. Please contact our office at 614-895-3000 to set up your billing preferences.

Can I access my security system and cameras from my phone?

Yes! We have partnered with to offer remote connectivity to your system via phone or web. If you are currently using a landline, please contact us at 614-895-3000 to discuss upgrading your system to a wireless system with remote access.